2528 May 2023
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2528 May 2023
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Your guide to the culinary hotspots of Malmö!

Malmö is a sprawling, multicultural city which offers a surprising number of different food cultures and traditions for its size. Here you´ll find Michelin starred restaurants, small local breweries, food trucks and everything in between!



Located in old shipyard district of Varvstaden, the inspiration behind Aster is an open-fire grill concept where both meat and fish are cooked and seasoned over the hot burning coals. Currently in season is their mackerel, grilled to perfection and seasoned with a little bit of sea salt and voilà, that first bite will transport you to a place of comfort and joy and satisfaction that life has been fulfilled. But that’s not all. The team behind Aster - Mimmi, Linus and Sahim - also has a plot of land outside of Lund where they harvest vegetables and herbs used at Aster. Therefore, you can guarantee freshness with every bite. With Linus’s background at Belle and Mimmi’s knowledge in food and wine, you can trust that their selections of wine are top notch. Enough of our babbling, go and try it out for yourself. Word of advice: book a table in advance, but if you don’t have a reservation, they do have limited drop-in seats available at the bar area and patio.

Address: Jagaregatan 6

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Arvid Falk and Ludvig Fredriksson - two well-known names within southern Sweden’s culinary scene - opened the doors to their new restaurant Bise in March this year. A place that strives to move away from clear concepts. The menu is fluid and constantly changing, with the classical French cuisine as a point of departure but sometimes with a Japanese or Swedish twist.  

Address: Norra Vallgatan 88

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Bloom in the park

Bloom in the Park i Malmö takes modern European cuisine to the next level. The restaurant offers a luxurious but at the same time relaxed environment. With its magical view of the arrow ponds, Bloom in the Park becomes a very special restaurant with a unique location.

Address: Pildammsvägen 17

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Brasserie Sture 1912

The old restaurant Sture has transformed itself into a unique, Michelin-starred French dining destination in the heart of Malmö. The cooking is made with great passion and creativity!

Address: Adelgatan 13

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Far i Hatten

This cozy restaurant is located in the oldest area of Folkets park. It serves delicious food, outdoors and indoors, and also functions as a music venue.

Address: Folkets Park

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Folk Mat & Möten

The Guide Michelin awarded chef Titti Qvarnström has recently opened this cozy but stylish lunch place in the heart of the up-and-coming area Nobel. This place serves up lovely lunches and we love that their vegetarian option is always as tasty (and pretty) as the regular!

Address: Olof Palmes Plats 1

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Johan P

Malmö’s foremost seafood restaurant. Every day brings fresh news from the sea.

Address: Hjulhamnsgatan 5

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Kasai in the sky

Kasai in the sky serves delicious Robata, Sushi and Izakaya dishes from the Japanese cuisine. If you're thirsty make sure not to miss out on their cocktails! And oh, did we mention that the rooftop has the best view in Malmö?

Address: Tyfongatan 1

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Kitchen & Table

Have dinner with a fabulous view over Öresund, and the bustling Malmö city life, on the 25th floor.

Address: Dag Hammarskjölds Torg 2

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Lyran is one of Malmö’s freshest seasonal restaurants with a great ‘green’ menu. It is a trendy restaurant that is attracting every foodie in town.

Address: Simrishamnsgatan 36A

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Malmö Saluhall

The indoor market and food court, Malmö Saluhall, is a mix of the finest produce sellers and some great restaurants and street food. A food destination for bon vivants, hungry lunch guests and passionate cooks.

Address: Gibraltargatan 6

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Mat- & Chokladstudion

The award-winning confectioner Joel Lindqvist has his own food- and chocolate studio in the heart of Malmö. The focus is on really good, organic and locally produced ingredients and curiosity of known and unknown taste combinations.

Address: Amiralsgatan 6

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Matverkstaden på Lokstallarna

Matverkstaden at Lokstallarna offers a wide range of decent food and drink with a focus on locally produced. You come here to socialize, explore new flavors, sample street food from around the world and try beers from small local breweries.

Address: Södra Bulltoftavägen 51

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At Ruths, the dishes are inspired by Italy and France where terrines, Italian cold cuts, tartlets, quality olives and burrata are typical elements. The menu follows the seasons and shows a constant finesse which is why this recently opened restaurant is already a favorite tavern for many. On Sundays, the wood-fired oven is lit in the nicely decorated courtyard and the pizzas are delivered steaming hot to the table.

Address: Mäster Johansgatan 11

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Saltimporten Canteen

Saltimporten Canteen is a New Nordic lunch restaurant, open only two hours per day, situated at the dockside in an old salt importing warehouse. Chefs Ola Rudin and Sebastian Persson closed their prestigious fine dining restaurant Trio in 2011, to instead make simple, affordable stews and soups made with high quality, seasonal ingredients – served at communal tables in a minimalist space.

Address: Grimsbygatan 24

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Popular lunch restaurant with great focus on local, vegetarian and organic food. Located in Malmö Konsthall, one of Europe’s largest exhibition halls for contemporary art.

Address: S:t Johannesgatan 7

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Locally produced food with new Nordic kitchen. Västergatan is a small and intimate restaurant with an eye for details.

Address: Västergatan 16

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Locally produced food with new Nordic kitchen. Västergatan is a small and intimate restaurant with an eye for details.

Address: Västergatan 16

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Asino is a small-scale pasta bar in Möllan. Here we serve handmade pasta and good natural wines. A bit noisy, lots of music and always close to food that makes you feel good.

Adress: Kristianstadsgatan 23B

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Boulebar Drottningtorget

Welcome to Boulebar Drottningtorget in the middle of Malmö. You'll find us in an old riding house from the 19th century, where we can promise an unadulterated French atmosphere with city park charm.

Adress: Drottningtorget 8

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You come to us to enjoy life & and you do that with a fantastic view and a completely magical atmosphere. Here, the feeling of food, drink & music is at the center.

Adress: Bryggövägen 1

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A small word that evokes many emotions. Memories. Opinions. The Mastio restaurant's mission is to make the very best pizzas in the world. Their menu is short, oh so short, but always well thought out and inspired by the season, mood, people we meet or events we experience.

Adress: Dragörkajen 1a

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Manto is a family-owned restaurant in southern Malmö with a desire to create something completely unique. Their collective experiences with plant-based cuisine have laid the foundation for letting creativity create Malmö's best vegan restaurant.

Adress: Nobelvägen 4 

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Bar Kiosko

Nice hangout-friendly bar-tavern on Nobelvägen in Malmö with the entire Mediterranean as an inspiration both in terms of food and drink.

Adress: Nobelvägen 73B

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Metro is Möllan's entire living room, where you go to have a beer, a glass of wine or something to eat at reasonable prices.

Adress: Ängelholmsgatan 14

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The "sandwich-mecca" Scandwich is located on the corner of Ängelholmsgatan and Kristianstadsgatan - a "sandwich throw" from Möllevångstorget.

Adress: Kristianstadsgatan 7B

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Ramen to Bíiru Malmø

Japanese ramen and Danish craft beer marry in the corner of Möllevångstorget with a nice atmosphere and generous opening hours.

Adress: Simrishamnsgatan 10

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Malmö is considered by White Guide to be the best coffee town in Sweden and if you haven’t tried a Swedish Fika* this is the right place to do so!

AB Småland

In AB Småland's café they work with organic raw ingredients to the greatest extent possible. They serve salads, medium pies, hot and cold sandwiches and “gofika”. They have sweet and moderate options for vegan, gluten and lactose intolerant and other special food.

Address: Södra Förstadsgatan 25-27

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Café in Slottsstaden with a focus on locally produced, organic and raw ingredients. A range of salads and coffee.

Address: Skvadronsgatan 13

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Form/Design Center Magazine Café

The Form/Design Center café is located on the first floor of the building. They provide a place to sit in peace and quiet and read magazines, daydream, meet a friend or sit and work for a while. 

Address: Lilla Torg 9

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Jord is a vegan café in Malmö. Here you can eat breakfast all day! In addition, you will find products from local and small-scale manufacturers.

Address: Falsterbogatan 1

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Kaka på Kaka

A small cafe homemade baked style goods. Everything from cinnamon and cardamom rolls to jam cookies and bread. On weekdays, breakfast and light lunches are served.

Address: Tegnérgatan 25A

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Leve is a bakery in the middle of Malmö. They do their baking during the day while open instead of at night, they bake a lot of vegan pastries instead of just traditional butter-based recipes and like old times, before the yeast was even invented.

Address: Östra Rönneholmsvägen 6

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Lilla kafferosteriet

Swedish fika and coffee tasting at Lilla kafferosteriet, a heaven for true coffee nerds. Lilla Kafferosteriet also serves sandwiches and you can even assemble your own breakfast.

Address: Baltzarsgatan 24

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Noir Vin & Kaffekultur

Noir Kaffekultur is a small café near Lilla Torg, but just outside the shopping. A big plus for the friendly, intimate feeling.

Address: Engelbrektsgatan 6

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Solde Kaffebar

At this tiny café and roastery you´ll meet three coffee-loving entrepreneurs behind the bar, serving their black gold with the greatest passion!

Address: Regementsgatan 2

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Söderberg & Sara

The popular café place from Ystad has now opened in Malmö! All bread is baked with locally produced ingredients.

Address: Mäster Danielsgatan 3

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Uggla Kaffebar

Located in the cute but trendy neighborhood St Knut you will find this little gem. Go for the 'Big breakfast' that includes coffee, two sandwiches, yoghurt with homemade granola and a juice, or just put together your own breakfast with single options from their breakfast menu.

Address: S:t Knuts Torg 16

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Östra kaffebaren

In a small, charming coffee bar in the old shoe factory on the sunny side of Värnhemstorget, you will find good coffee and fine chocolates from Joel Lindqvist and unique soft drinks.

Adress: Kungsgatan 31

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Flax is based in the heart of Malmö, next to Folkets Park. The goal of Flax is to create a space where everything is local, produced on a small scale, sustainable and of course - a completely vegan menu.

Adress: Sölvesborgsgatan 10

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Kärleksgatan 3

With us, we make ravioli our way, with one foot in the Italian tradition of quality ingredients and the other in Malmö's bustle and exploring joy.

Adress: Kärleksgatan 3C

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Kaffebaren på Möllan

This is a neighborhood coffee shop in the very best sense of the word. Sneak in for a stand-up espresso when you've passed the roads. Or do like some of the regulars, sit here and work or look out over the square with its greengrocers and crowds.

Adress: Ystadsgatan 9

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We are a restaurant and a cafe in the middle of one of Malmö's most popular streets. We focus on always delivering quality coffee and good dishes. With the right ingredients, the food is right!

Adress: Gustav Adolfs torg 43

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Lilla Kafferosteriet

In 2006, we opened the doors to Sweden's first modern micro roastery for specialty coffee in central Malmö. Since then, we have been missioning with great passion in the wonderful world of coffee. Visit Lilla Kafferosteriet at the addresses below.

Adress: Baltzarsgatan 24

Adress: Södra Bulltoftavägen 51

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