2528 May 2023
My program
2528 May 2023
My program

Open house

Det bränns

stor trasslig hög fjorårsnässlor

Exploring the Stinging Nettle and its possibilities

For two days, Lisa and Esa Tanttu, Jollygoodfellow, open up the studio and show the different parts of the project. Stinging nettle as fiber, nutrition, taste and visual image.

In the research, nettle appears as a substitute for cotton (before nylon took over), dream catcher, medicinal plant, emergency food for both people and livestock.

The experimentation moves between textiles, paper and graphic prints. But also the nettle as a taste and of course the first impression: the sting.

The plant that can be seen as a big problem or perhaps as a possible solution to several problems, ”Urtica dioica dissonantia”.

Jollygoodfellow (Printing and) Nettle Studio is open Friday–Saturday 11–18.

The pizza oven is hot from 4 p.m. serving a slice of nettle pizza.

Come and look, feel, taste and chat!